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[T3] AT to MT conversion report issue # 1 (story form)

<x-charset iso-8859-1>    The cancelled dentist appointment provided the perfect opportunity for
Him to waste away the rest of the day. It was only 1:30 pm and the skys were
clear, the temperature was cool and inviting and the air had the faint aroma
of the crushed Black Walnut shells at his feet. He stood in his back yard ,
looking at his brothers fastback , pondering weather to return to the warm
interior of his house and become one with the couch or if he should attempt
to perform the delicate surgery of "Tranny Conversion". He had heard so many
horror stories , attempts failed by earlier individuals. "Just junk it" his
friend Dan had said so many times, "Its not worth it".
    "Why not" he said to himself as he rummaged through the back of the
"Ratback". "Ratback ", a rusty beatdown 71 square that somewhat resembles an
old rat rod. It held His supply of tools he would need for this adventure.
Wrenches and drill in hand he stumbled over the downed remains of tree
branches as he headed to the garaged that held the patient. He beckoned to
his friend ,who had just arrived, to hand him the 1/2 in drill bit.
    The moter had been removed at an earlier date but the old auto tranny
remained. A jack was placed under and the four bolts on the mount were
removed. The tranny was dropped,  removed and put aside. After measuring the
dimensions from the standard pan leaning on the wall He made the pencil
marks and proceeded to create the hole for the clutch cable tube. The new
PorterCable bit cut through the 30 year old German steel with ease. Viola, a
tube hole is born.  Next came the measurements and marking for the shift rod
tube and linkage. He used the drill at first , several holes along the line
provided the necessary curve for the nose cone that the die grinder was
incapable making. A Sawzall was enlisted to continue the nose cone hole
under the pan to create the opening for the linkage access. On this, he had
to use the die grinder with a cut off wheel at an angle, taking care to
follow close to the penciled line as possible.  A quick change of attachment
provided the small grinding wheel to round out the edges and give it the
finished factory look. His friend had removed the pedal assembly and the
shifting mechanism.
    His stomach rumbled...  the gas tank still needed to be removed in order
to weld the cable tube at the front. His stomach rumbled again, "it must be
dinner time "he said to his friend. His friend nodded in agreement and they
decide that food was in order before continuing. A wash of the hands , a
bowl of freshly cooked spaghetti and a glass of tea he sat down to write the
Type 3 list about the days adventure so far. Pictures will be available soon
for the list to see,  as well as another report. His story is done and he
hears the call of the grinder and welder . His friend has gone home, the sky
is now dark, and he has rested enough . Duty calls.....

71 square auto, next to be converted

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