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Re: [T3] Front Vents Under Window

on 11/13/01 7:29 AM, James M at vw_junky@hotmail.com wrote:

> Hey people,
> How do i gain access to the vents on the front of my T3 just under the front
> wndow, they are full of leaves and dirt. How do i get it out, i am not
> mechanilcaly minded and you are all laughing at me but i need a hand please.
We're not laughing at you. We all had to start somewhere. And you're right
to want to get that stuff out of there. It's a serious rust hazard.
Do you have a Bentley manual? If you don't this is THE manual for these cars
and if you're planning to do anything on your car, you need this. It's like
$30 new. 

The best way to get access under there is to remove the fresh air control
box (big plastic box in the middle) under the dash. Once that's gone, you
have a large central hole you can squiggle a vaccuum attachment into.

Do do this you need to disconnect the wire coming from the center of the
box. That's the power for your blower. Then there are 2 plastic tubes that
lead to the ports in your dash for blowing air into the cabin. Pull those
tubes off. Then - you need a socket extension - there are two bolts at the
top on each side of the box that hold the box to the body. Remove those,
then lower the blower.

You need to get all that crud out. There's a hose about 1/2" id that runs
from the bottom of the tray under the grill to the center left of the cabin
(inside,under the dash.) It's connected at the bottom to an outlet toward
the front of the cabin. That's water drainage, and if that hose is blocked,
you're just holding water up under the grill there and rusting out the
firewall into the front trunk. You can disconnect the hose at the bottom,
get a bucket,  and run some water into the grill to make sure the hose is
draining properly. Mine was plugged bad a few years ago when I bought the
car and I'm still paying for it. I used a coat hanger to extract the crap
out of it.

If you have the Bentley, it shows how you can pull apart the blower to make
sure it's clean on the inside as well. Pine needles have a way of settling
and blocking things when they're wet and blowing into your face when they're

As for being mechanically minded - just be patient. Just think to yourself
"I have an eternity to do this the first time around." Have a dish handy to
hold any parts so you don't lose them. All told, its one wire, two tubes,
and four bolts, and lots of patience because things get tight under there.
I always pull out one of the seats to give myself some room.

Good luck. 

Mike Wodkowski

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