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Re: [T3] Just bought my first VW, '71 Squareback

         It sounds to me like Josh just might have some loose nuts on the 
studs around #2 cylinder.  IIRC the torque on the head studs goes up as the 
engine warms up which is why the initial torque is only ~18 ft/lbs.

 >> Also my # 2 cylinder is really loud for some reason, and I can
 >> hear it miss with the fuel pressure regulator set this way, until
 >> it warms up then it's fine.

 >This is troubling. I wonder if you have a loose head due to a pulled
 >head stud, or if there's just an exhaust leak that you missed. I
 >wouldn't expect either to go away with warmup, however.

Greg Irick
Silverdale, WA

''65 Notchback on a '69 pan with a Britax sliding rag top.  Plans for a 
1776cc motor, Porsche 2 Liter Alloys, transplanting IRS pivots to a swing 
axle rear torsion assembly and a Resto-Custom flavor.

'73 Pro-Street Bug - 1915cc CB Performance motor with Ultra Competition 
Fuel Injection, Creative Car Craft widened fenders all around sporting 
195/50-15's in the front and 265/50-15's in back on Weld Racing wheels.

'88 16V Scirocco - completely stock but extremely quick.

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