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Re: [T3] Just bought my first VW, '71 Squareback

On 11 Nov 2001, at 18:10, nobody special wrote:

> Hi. I'm new to the list, and new to volkswagen. I just bought a
> '71 squareback and I'm really happy with it.  It's automatic, fuel
> injected with moonroof. 

71 is just about the best year. With a sunroof, yet. Nice car!

> Since then I've replaced the plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor,
> distributor, coil, and two fuel injectors. 

Don't throw away the old plug wires. The ends can often be reused 
if you have the originals. The OE dist ends screw into the wires and 
are the best parts that money can buy, even when old. They are 
irreplacable now, so don't let them get away from you. I trust that 
you didn't really replace the distributor, probably just the cap, rotor, 
points and capacitor. I recommend that you only use Genuine 
Bosch parts. Don't ever expect to get good service from K-Mart 
level parts.    

> I also went through and soldered all of the crimped or twisted
> wires, as well as re-tighten all of the connectors,  from fuse box
> to brain to fuel injectors and everything in between.  It has a
> non-stock exhaust on it, and there were a few leaks but I've fixed
> those.  

You have to be careful doing this. If you aren't quick with the heat, 
you will anneal the brass and the connector will be ruined.  

> It still has problems though.  After reading this mailing list,
> the article entitled "FI woes" sums up all of my problems.  I've
> managed to get it to run fairly decently by messing with the fuel
> pressure regulator, but I don't have a gauge and I don't even know
> which direction raises or lowers fuel pressure (all I have is the
> haynes manual). 

You will need to make up a pressure gauge and hose from parts 
you can buy for less than $15 at the hardware store. There's no 
other way to do this, unless it is to borrow a gauge from someone.  

> It failed emissions by a long shot so now I know it wasn't set
> correctly.  I've since turned the regulator counterclockwise a
> good amount and it seems to run better.  Now it doesn't die when I
> come to a stop, but when accelerating and it's cold I have to
> feather the pedal until it warms up, otherwise it loses power
> shortly after I hit the gas, hence the feathering. 

You can't compensate for some other problem by just tweaking the 
fuel pressure. You have to set it correctly and then move on. How 
about the valve lash, dwell, timing, mechanical advance, charging 
system regulating voltage? These ALL have to be right before you 
can expect the engine to run right.  

> Also my # 2 cylinder is really loud for some reason, and I can
> hear it miss with the fuel pressure regulator set this way, until
> it warms up then it's fine.  

This is troubling. I wonder if you have a loose head due to a pulled 
head stud, or if there's just an exhaust leak that you missed. I 
wouldn't expect either to go away with warmup, however.  

I recommend that you get a Bentley manual. It's the best manual 
ever made for this car. New ones are still available, but old ones 
have the wiring diagrams in color. I have a few of those still 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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