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[T3] Just bought my first VW, '71 Squareback

     Hi.  I'm new to the list, and new to volkswagen. 
I just bought a '71 squareback and I'm really happy
with it.  It's automatic, fuel injected with moonroof.

When I first bought the car it looked like it had been
sitting for a while.  It hardly has any rust (arizona
car), but all the rubber is fried, and the windshield
is cracked.  I had to jump start it to drive it home. 

Since then I've replaced the plugs, plug wires, cap,
rotor, distributor, coil, and two fuel injectors.  I
also went through and soldered all of the crimped or
twisted wires, as well as re-tighten all of the
connectors,  from fuse box to brain to fuel injectors
and everything in between.  It has a non-stock exhaust
on it, and there were a few leaks but I've fixed

It still has problems though.  After reading this
mailing list, the article entitled "FI woes" sums up
all of my problems.  I've managed to get it to run
fairly decently by messing with the fuel pressure
regulator, but I don't have a gauge and I don't even
know which direction raises or lowers fuel pressure
(all I have is the haynes manual).  It failed
emissions by a long shot so now I know it wasn't set
correctly.  I've since turned the regulator
counterclockwise a good amount and it seems to run
better.  Now it doesn't die when I come to a stop, but
when accelerating and it's cold I have to feather the
pedal until it warms up, otherwise it loses power
shortly after I hit the gas, hence the feathering. 
Also my # 2 cylinder is really loud for some reason,
and I can hear it miss with the fuel pressure
regulator set this way, until it warms up then it's

I'm kind of at a loss now.  I've tuned up everything I
can with the tools I have available.  I still need to
clean the screen in the gas tank, and the fuel pump
wasn't even mounted when I got the car.  It was just
kind of dangling there off of it's hose connections. 
It seems to be working, but I don't know if it's
working well enough.   

Thanks for any comments.



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