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Re: [T3] How do I know if I have a single port or dual port?

On 10 Nov 2001, at 20:42, Rob Carpenter wrote:

> I have a '63 Notchback and Im just learning about the
> motor and actually the car itself.
> I've heard people talk about dual ports ect. What do I
> check to see if mine is single or dual?
> It is the original motor, 1500, one carb.

Your original motor had single port heads. Dual port heads were 
introduced in 67. This refers to the number of passages carrying 
the gas/air mixture into each head. Single port heads have only 
one opening, which splits inside the head to feed both cylinders, 
while dual port heads require manifolds which split into dual 
passages before they get to the head.

> B.T.W. I will be removing the motor soon to change the
> trany, any tips on what not to do, or what to look
> for, I hear the heater boxes can be a pain if the
> lever or something is broke when removing motor.

You just want to make sure that you get everything disconnected 
before you try to drop the engine. Wires and gas lines are the easy 
ones to remember; throttle and heater cables, and the various 
heater hoses, are harder.

Disconnect the battery ground cable before you remove the 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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