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Re: [T3] 2.o FI Keith?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Good question...
First off while Id love NEW FI I cant afford it, Im talking about using the
D or L jet systems, and fitting them on the motor as they were supposed to
be.. I have alot of good used or NOS D jet and L jet parts from quite a few
different setups, it will cost me little or nothing.

Why do I like FI so much?  ( I can see Vaders radar just go off...) Carbs
are old technology that was ditched years ago,  when upgrading why go
backwards?  Im an electronic Technician so I have a pretty good
understanding on how the FI works and how to modify or calibrate even the
original systems to use with modified engines (within reason). Changing
mixtures and curves with FI is a simple matter of changing resistances,
thermistors, and minor easy to make adjustments in most cases if you know
what your doing.  The FI has a MUCH BETTER way of handling warmup curves
etc. than carbs, Youll never get that flawless startup, warmup, and
operation out of carbs over the whole temperature range than you will with
FI, its one of the reasons carbs were  made obsolete... can you all remember
how much better the production cars of other makers ran and how much more
reliable they were the year they switched to Fuel Injection??  Like the
Honda's, the Fords, the Chevy's?  I DO... as I was working in the auto
service industry at the time.

So, its FI for me, and Ill let everybody in on how I do it when I get around
to converting the Notch or putting T4 power into my Square.


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> Keith - Why so adamant about staying with FI even in a bigger engine?
> it true that the cost of a new FI system is at least 4 times that of good
> carbs? Just wondering what your reasoning is. :-)
> -Wilson
> 69' Square
> << I may go T4 someday... but will DEFINATELY retain FI on the car!
> Keith >>
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