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Re: FW: [T3] Temp Sensors

On 9 Nov 2001, at 12:52, JSmith3@SARCOM.COM wrote:

> Ok, I am thoroughly confused.  I think I am talking about the wrong part?  I
> was looking over a diagram of the fuel injected system and the "sensor" that
> I disconnected, which lets the engine run fine is called the "Thermo
> (Tempeture) switch", I think, not the air temp sensor.

Okay, this is the temp switch; part of the cold start valve system.

> Ok, I'll describe it- it looks like a temp sensor and it sits on the left
> side of the air intake, in fornt of that small black box, it has a one prong
> connection and it is screwed in position.  Does this make more sense, with
> the problem I am having? 

If disconnecting this switch makes things better, then I believe that the FI 
wire that connects to your starter is connected to the WRONG TERMINAL! 
This will make the CSV run all the time (that it's cold) and also just richen 
the mixture even when the temp switch is not cold. You need to swap that FI 
wire to the other starter terminal, the one that is only hot when the starter is 
cranking the engine.

This problem is mentioned in the Bentley manual specifically for the 72s and 
is usually the result of the red and red/white wires to the starter being 
swapped, usually in the course of a starter replacement. The other symptom 
of this is that the fuel pump relay does not shut off like it is supposed to ~1 
sec after you turn the key from OFF to ON (without starting the engine.)

Just disconnecting the wire to the temp switch only cures half of the 
problem, so you really want to crawl under the car and fix the whole thing, 
after you've read about this in the Bentley manual.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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