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[T3] t3 going 2.0

<x-charset iso-8859-1>hello.
       in my celler at the moment im building a t4 powerplant for my sqr im
hopeing to have it in in spring but id put it in at xmas if i get it done

     check out the t4rum at shoptalk and tunas sister site t4 secrets

     ive got a late bus case a 76mm crank from aircooled net new ks 94mm
cylinders and forged mahle 94mm pistons with a 22mm pin modified t4 rods web
163 grind cam and solid lifters running duel springs thru cro moly rods
heads at the moment are stock recon 2ltr late sqr port heads these will get
swapped out at a later date for something else twin 40drlas running on top
of short manifolds oil will be fed by a blueprinted pump of the t4 veriaty .

    its all now in the celler and just this evening i began to build put my
bearings on the crank installed it and then installed the cam all clear so
far see what happens when i put my rods on with my clearence in the next few
days .

      when im done im hopeing for a good solid 100 plus bhp on an engine
that should have a good long life rather than need a teardown after only
20,000 or so.

       best of luck feel free to ask me any questions remember im learning
to .

neil verdon 66 sqr on irs pan
best among equals rise to the top.

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