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Re: [T3] Heater hook-up

on 11/6/01 11:13 PM, Erick at onet34me@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hey man,
> you can find come heatter tubes just like for bugs
> that connect the fan shroud to the heater boxes. For a
> t3 they have a bigger diameter than a bug would have
> but still they are flexible enough to have the bend
> radius that would work for a t3.
But the bend radius doesn't help the fact that they're too small. What do
you suggest to make them fit? I tried to do it with these years ago and
wound up wasting alot of money trying to figure out a way to split them and
clamp them. I could never get it to work. Lots of garbage.

> 2.  I'm missing (actually it fell apart) one flexible pipe (thats what the
> Elfrink calls it, #5, page 59, exploded view of exhaust and heater
> assemblies).  I suppose they are as rare as hens' teeth, or is something
> that works available?

I used some flexible metal exhaust tubing I think 3.5" (I dont remember -
bigger than the connection)  and cut it down the middle w/tinsnips, and
hoseclamped it in on itself until it became the correct diameter to fit.
Works great. Wear gloves or butcher your hands.

Mike Wodkowski

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