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RE: [T3] Heater hook-up

<x-charset iso-8859-1>These flexible tubes are readily available at any auto parts store. They are
2" dia. and about two buck for more than enough for both sides. The
connection selves are a bit of a hassle and the headers are fun to twist
Get four worm gear type clamps to connect to the sleeves. Good luck.
Peter Legault
73 Square " The Putz"

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From: Shawn Teegarden [mailto:ateup@blitz-it.net]
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 9:10 PM
To: Type3
Subject: [T3] Heater hook-up

Ok, I don't want to freeze, so here are some questions:

In my wife's '67 Fasty, I'm trying to hook up the heater assemblies.  The
car has an aftermarket header on it, with the heat exchangers installed.

1.  Can the top inlet to the hot air mixer be blocked off, as I don't have
the rear heat exchangers nor elbow peices, and if it is, what will it hurt?

2.  I'm missing (actually it fell apart) one flexible pipe (thats what the
Elfrink calls it, #5, page 59, exploded view of exhaust and heater
assemblies).  I suppose they are as rare as hens' teeth, or is something
that works available?

3.  The fresh air pipe, the hard tube from the rear to the front, if it is
not in use, can I remove it without messing up the flow of cooling air
through the tins.  It is rattling it's little a## off ;-)

Ok, thats enough for now.  Thanks

'67 Fasty
'59 type I pre-runner
'69 type I rust collector

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