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[T3] Cold Start Valve/Rough Idle @ Warmup

As it is getting colder, my car has been idling rougher.  I looked in my engine to find
that my electromagnetic (EM) valve (cold-start) is completely disconnected.  There is a
cut wire coming from the wiring harness near the valve with electrical tape so I am
assuming the previous owner disabled this -- and only drove in warm weather!  Even once
the car warms up it still runs rough.  However, if I let the car warm up with a drive for
about 5 minutes (it's not very cold out yet) then turn the engine off and restart it, it
runs/idles great.  I'm guessing an element doesn't engage if the ambient temp is warm
enough and/or is having problems stopping once the engine is warm enough.

Is there any way for me to test the EM Valve and/or the switch?  I assume they were
disconnected because either the valve or the switch were causing problems.  Maybe it was
running at all temperatures and making the car hard to start or ruining the fuel economy?

Also, the electrical connector is missing for the EM Valve.  It is a two prong connector
with one wire from the switch and the other to ground.  Are these easy to find or
fabricate on my own?

While I'm at it, I figure I would test the engine temp sensors as well.  Any tips for
getting the 3/4 cylinder sensor out?  Should the wire be removed first?  My sensor is
recessed and I cannot get an open end wrench down there (it's about an inch down and the
hole isn't much wider than the sensor).  I don't want to yank the wire if it shouldn't be

Anyway, thanks in advance.  I hope this warm midwestern weather lasts long enough for me
to get all the glitches out of my car.  I'll be driving until there's salt on the ground
so it may get VERY cold along the way.  Maybe I'll even be able to get my stock muffler
on and get the heat working before it's too cold.


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