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Re: [T3] Heater hook-up

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From: Shawn Teegarden <ateup@blitz-it.net>

> Ok, I don't want to freeze, so here are some questions:
> In my wife's '67 Fasty, I'm trying to hook up the heater assemblies.  The
> car has an aftermarket header on it, with the heat exchangers installed.
> 1.  Can the top inlet to the hot air mixer be blocked off, as I don't have
> the rear heat exchangers nor elbow peices, and if it is, what will it
Yes you can. In fact you should, as when the thermostat inside opens, it
will allow hot air to escape if the hole isn't blocked. It won't hurt
anything else.

> 2.  I'm missing (actually it fell apart) one flexible pipe (thats what the
> Elfrink calls it, #5, page 59, exploded view of exhaust and heater
> assemblies).  I suppose they are as rare as hens' teeth, or is something
> that works available?
They are available used, but they're still pretty expensive.

> 3.  The fresh air pipe, the hard tube from the rear to the front, if it is
> not in use, can I remove it without messing up the flow of cooling air
> through the tins.  It is rattling it's little a## off ;-)
If in doubt, rip it out! They are really annoying when they rattle aren't

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