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Re: [T3] Ignition alternatives

<x-flowed>At 07:32 PM 11/5/01 -0500, Keith Park wrote:
>I think the 009 is the correct curve for the 40HP bus.. am I right?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. =)  Maybe someone else knows.

>Im glad your really putting thought into things.. its just that Ive seen so
>many #3 pistons with holes in them, including a couple of mine!

I've had a couple of those.  Within a year of each other.  On 40HP 
engines.  Back when I was young and stupid.  I'm still relatively young but 
I've learned a few things since then.  Personally, I'm getting a kick out 
of Leon's posts about his demented fiddling with the D-Jet FI. =)

>the only thing Ill add is if your driving a Square remove the engine cover
>and run the highway hills on a hot day and Youll hear detonation if there is

The next hot day I get around here is probably going to be months 
away.  It's finally getting cold around here, relatively speaking.  It was 
43F this morning!  What can I say, I live in Northern California.  Anyway, 
I'm still running it hard, listening and checking.  I had to advance the 
distributor a little, it wasn't idling very well when cold, but the total 
advance is still under 32 degrees.  I've got to visit a friend who lives on 
top of a mountain tomorrow, which should really be a shakedown.

>20MPG is too low even for a 1776 in an early square, way to low for the
>fasty or Notch...

This is a 1776 in a bug, the aerodynamics aren't great and my rack doesn't 
help. The P.O. of the engine used it in a Baja with a trimill exhaus, the 
jetting was probably just fine for him.  I'll have to dig out my stash of 
Solex jets and see what I can do.

>it is better to err too rich than too lean but watch the
>oil pressure at a specific temp and RPM.. if the oil thins  the pressure
>will go down.  If your running 90.5's your lifespan is only about 90Kmi tops
>anyway so you really want everything to be right... Jim A might have some
>good suggestions on advance curves too.

Thanks for the tips; I'm already collecting parts for the next engine (want 
to have it ready *long* before I need it!) and the oil pressure gauge goes 
in next week.  If I can get enough fittings for my "christmas tree" at the 
pressure switch location. =)

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