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Re: [T3] engine diagnosis

Jim, Dave, et al.

You now are speaking of the hardness of camshafts and lifters, and last week we
were discussing valve lash. Is there any possibility that the valve lash was
increased because of the camshaft, lifters or pushrods? I've been thinking about
this a bit but couldnt figure out anything with my little brain.

73 Variant L

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 6 Nov 2001, at 18:23, Dave Hall wrote:
> > Single measurements might not be that reliable I guess, but it's in the same
> > 'ball-park'.  Maybe they were measured after 10,000 miles, in which case
> > further hardening may have occurred.
> After I had that conversation with Gene Berg I took a couple of lifters to work
> where the tool and die shop had a hardness tester. I measured the hardness
> of a worn plain brown wrapper Made in W. Germany lifter and an old OE
> lifter. What I remember for sure is that both measured out exactly as Gene
> said they would: Neither showed any increase in hardness at that time.
> The idea of work hardening had not occurred to me at that time, but I know I
> would have remembered if my measurements had all come out a bit higher
> than Gene's numbers.
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