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Re: [T3] Drivetrain location

Simon Glen wrote:

> I did not know this about the T3 Syncro.  How come my T3 Syncro has
> significantly greater ground clearance than the two-wheel-drive T3
> Transporter or Caravelle (Vanagon)?

The car has greater ground clearance because it has been raised a bit by VW.
This is to give it even better off road performance compared to the 2wd
models. They also had to lower the drivetrain a bit so the nose cone of the
tranny would clear the body and allow room for a drive shaft. The ground
clearance on a Syncro isnt really signifacntly greater than the 2wd, it's
only an inch or two. Unless you have the 16" model, that is.

> I have seen many Type3s which have been raused but they have usually been
> raised by cutting and welding the front axle and altering the rear
> trailing link.

There is no need for cutting and welding on a type 3, as the spring ends are
splined just as they are in the rear, however the type 1 needs cutting and
welding, alternatively a "Puma" front suspension beam in place of the
original. The Puma beam has adjusters approved by VW and is the only way to
lower a type 1 in the front and still get it approved in many European
countries, including Norway.

I'm sure you know the Puma, built in Brasil on VW type 1 floorpans.


> Simon Glen
> Toowoomba,  Australia.
> Per Lindgren wrote:
> > VW did this on the Vanagon Syncro (4wd model). When the car was raised
> > 1.5", they lowered the engine and tranny 2". The reason for this was
> > mostly to keep the same angle on the drive shafts, as in 2wd model. The
> > benefit of a lower point of gravity is a nice side effect when raising
> > an already tall car.
> >
> > PerL
> > 73 Variant L
> >
> > Brian Schlepp wrote:
> >
> > > This is probably a real stupid question, but....
> > > Is it possible to change to height of the engine/trans location in
> > > reference to the body?  In other words, is it possible to get more
> > > clearance from engine to lid for a different carburator combination?
> > > Would the car already being lowered matter if possible to "lower the
> > > engine"?
> > > I have an oddball idea for "exotic induction", but looks like will
> > > require maybe another inch of clearance to engine lid.
> > > Thanks,
> > > Brian Schlepp
> > > "Purple Passion" - 69 fasty
> > >
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