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Re: [T3] Drivetrain location

I did not know this about the T3 Syncro.  How come my T3 Syncro has
significantly greater ground clearance than the two-wheel-drive T3
Transporter or Caravelle (Vanagon)?

I have seen many Type3s which have been raised but they have usually been
raised by cutting and welding the front axle and altering the rear
trailing links.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Australia.

Per Lindgren wrote:

> VW did this on the Vanagon Syncro (4wd model). When the car was raised
> 1.5", they lowered the engine and tranny 2". The reason for this was
> mostly to keep the same angle on the drive shafts, as in 2wd model. The
> benefit of a lower point of gravity is a nice side effect when raising
> an already tall car.
> PerL
> 73 Variant L
> Brian Schlepp wrote:
> > This is probably a real stupid question, but....
> > Is it possible to change to height of the engine/trans location in
> > reference to the body?  In other words, is it possible to get more
> > clearance from engine to lid for a different carburator combination?
> > Would the car already being lowered matter if possible to "lower the
> > engine"?
> > I have an oddball idea for "exotic induction", but looks like will
> > require maybe another inch of clearance to engine lid.
> > Thanks,
> > Brian Schlepp
> > "Purple Passion" - 69 fasty
> >
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