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Re: [T3] FI woes.....

On 5 Nov 2001, at 19:04, Bryan Mitchell wrote:

>     My 71 square is almost running right.   Sometimes though it will stall
> when you come to a stop , some times it will start right back up , other
> times it will not, some times you have to crank and crank and then it
> starts.
>     Also some times when you are at a stop and you start to accelerate it
> will briefly bog down and act like it is gonna stall. Half the time you have
> to feather the gas to get it to go , the other half of the time it will fix
> itself.
>     Also.......... When cruising on the interstate between 70 and 80 it will
> start to buck and drag then  run good for a while and then start bucking and
> dragging and then run good for a while and the same the same.
> The following on the motor is new; plugs, coil, plug wires, cap , rotor,
> points(set correctly), condenser,  A spankin new fuel pump. , new intake
> boots, intake gaskets, new fuel hose.
> The gas tank is clean and not rusty,
> the generator and VR read around 14 -14.5 volts
> The trigger contacts are clean and don't look burned out. ,
> I have tried 2 different PRs that worked fine on another car.

Sounds like you have covered most of the bases, so here are a few 
things to check, if you haven't already done so.

Valves, mechanical advance fuel pressure. Consider also running a 
longer hose up to the front temporarily so you can watch the fuel 
pressure while you are driving. There are some faults that will give 
full pressure at idle, but not under load.

Look all around the engine compartment for poorly connected 
wires, jury rigged connections and splices, and bare connections 
that could short together or to ground, etc. Fix anything you find 
that looks questionable.

Pull out the brain and check all the wiring from the brain plug. Look 
particularly for intermittent connections that change resistance 
when you move them. For example, looking at the manual, you can 
see which wires feed each of the injectors and you can see that 
the other side of each injector is connected to ground, so just 
measure the resistance from that wire at the brain end to ground. It 
should be 2-3 Ohms. If it is not, or if it changes when you jiggle 
something, fix that something so that you have a secure 

If you have poor connections inside the white plastic FI connectors, 
you may have to take them apart to gently squeeze the female 
connectors together. Take them apart by poking a small rod in the 
extra space you can see at the front of each contact. Look at one 
of these and see if you can figure out how they come apart. DON'T 
force anything; take it easy. Once you are doing this right they will 
come out rather easily.

Clip a voltmeter to the output terminal of the fuel pump relay so that 
you can see it when you drive. Look at it when the engine 
stumbles, has it dropped below 12V? If so, you may need a new 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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