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Re: [T3] progress on the '66 FB

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Monday 05 November 2001 13:00, Hanson,Todd wrote:
> The 6v 9-pin flasher relays can be fixed, but it can be very time consuming
> process. After trying several relays (purchased at the various swap meets)
> without success, I decided to crack one open. I cleaned everything inside,
> then adjusted the mechanical connectors one-by-one. I'd make an adjustment,
> plug it in, verify what was working, then move onto the next connection.
> Since aluminum oxides relatively quick, even an NOS relay can have a
> function that does not work properly, so chose carefully. In other works,
> even a "new" relay may not work perfectly due to age, so be forewarned
> before spending the rent money on an NOS 6v relay.
> Don't throw bad ones away! They becoming quite scarce.
I wasn't planing on throwing it away. Just wondered if anyone had had success 
repairing them.  My next step is to pull it out and take it apart and clean 
it, and solder any places that look suspicious. This car has sat for at least 
a couple years.
I have seen them go on ebay for over $100 dollars. I wish I had a dollar for 
everyone that I HAVE thrown away.  That was back when a new one was less than 
$20, and you could still buy them. (Wish I had back all the VW's I have owned 
since 1964) :+[

Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT
'66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)

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