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Re: [T3] Proper operation

I once saw an US Ford imported here, where the owner of course had to modify the
tail lights so it would have orange turn signals in the rear. Standard procedure
in such cases is to use the backup light with an amber bulb. So he flipped the
turn signal lever, and saw the red blinker. Probably thinking he was very smart,
he hooked the backup light lead to the brake lead, so when he flipped the lever,
both the red and amber signals blinked. It wasnt until he put the foot on the
brake pedal that I laughed :-)

73 Variant L

"Erkson, Toby" wrote:

> Heheheh...seeing a rear bulb used as a brake light and turn signal I never
> thought of it that way :)  Yes, I think the turn signal, brake and parking
> lights should each have their own filament (or LED cluster ;).  And my
> preference is amber for turn signals -- sure am glad my Jetta came stock
> with them.  It just makes sense the way the Euro method it.  Sometimes I see
> a big ol' Ford or Chebby with a brake light out and the person is pumping
> their brakes so the one that is working appears to be a turn signal, until
> they don't turn or traffic stops then I realize it's a burned out bulb.
> Cheap auto manufacturers.
>         Toby
> >-----Original Message-----
> >... There aren't that many American cars on the roads here
> >so it's quite confusing to see what looks like a flashing
> >brake light up ahead.
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