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Re: [T3] Ignition alternatives

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I think the 009 is the correct curve for the 40HP bus.. am I right?

Im glad your really putting thought into things.. its just that Ive seen so
many #3 pistons with holes in them, including a couple of mine!

the only thing Ill add is if your driving a Square remove the engine cover
and run the highway hills on a hot day and Youll hear detonation if there is
any, try at varous RPM's... in a Fast or Notch try running near a guardrail
or retaining wall on the highway.. the noise bounces off and you can
generally hear the detonation.

20MPG is too low even for a 1776 in an early square, way to low for the
fasty or Notch... it is better to err too rich than too lean but watch the
oil pressure at a specific temp and RPM.. if the oil thins  the pressure
will go down.  If your running 90.5's your lifespan is only about 90Kmi tops
anyway so you really want everything to be right... Jim A might have some
good suggestions on advance curves too.


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> At 07:33 PM 11/1/01 -0500, Keith Park wrote:
> >You cant just drop a distributor in and expect everything to be well,
> >we all know the .009 is the wrong curve for just about every setup most
> >know that the advance curve is matched to many things in the fuel and
> >mechanical systems and the 1.9 watercooled is no where near what you d
> >for a T3... the vanagons are curved for much more torque for starters.
> I've heard a few rumors that the 009 was designed for industrial engines
> something similar.  In any case, I've put a bit more thought into it than
> your reaction seems to imply.  I've tried to find various advance curves
> compare (unsuccessfully), checked the amount of advance in the distributor
> I used (mechanical and vacuum, as well as the vacuum retard), and checking
> the total advance once it was in the car,  which currently is all in at
> 3300rpm at 29-30 degrees (centrifigual advance only).
> The car does seem a bit "torqier" than before, which is fine by me.  I'm
> still working on the issue of the vacuum advance, where to pull vacuum
> (one carb? both carbs? the balance tube?) and various canisters, though in
> the end I may not have enough vacuum to use due to the cam in the engine.
> Does anyone have (or know where I could find) the advance curves for
> distributors 0231 178 009 (uh..), 0231 137 036 ('70 T1) and  0237 022 045
> ('85 Vanagon) ?  These are the Bosch numbers, don't have the VW numbers
> >Its true that the solid state systems will help enormously with radio
> >the effect of more power over a properly matched stock system that is
> >WORKING PROPERLY is minimal.
> I have no arguement there.  I have the Vanagon setup in my bug, which has
> 1776 with Kadrons, and I don't think there is such a thing as a properly
> matched stock system for that engine.  I know this isn't the perfect
> solution, but it's a far sight better than the 009 had EVER been for me in
> this car.
> I'm not afraid to learn and experiment, I've learned enough to reject the
> one-size-fits-all idea (009)  The next Vanagon distributor I get ahold of,
> I'm going to take apart, maybe see if the Hall-effect bits can be adapted
> to a stock distributor witout too much hassle.  The idea of electronic
> ignition using readily-available factory parts is appealing to me.  Call
> a freak...
> >An other thing to be aware of is if the curve is wrong it could cause
> >detonation at certain RPM's and that is really bad news... and something
> >might not hear.  Hows the gas mileage??  this is an indication of how
> >should be... often the engines can seem to run pretty well but be too
> >or too lean and have a life span of less than 50Kmi
> I haven't heard any pinging, and I've really been keeping an ear out for
> it.  My oil temps have gone down slightly, but whether that has to do with
> the ignition or the change in the weather is up for debate.  The gas
> mileage is better, it's up from 17mpg to 20mpg (remember, this is a
> big-bore dual-carb engine)  The carbs are jetted a bit on the rich side
> nothing horrible.  I've put 18k miles on this engine since I got it a year
> and a half ago, and Bernard (the P.O. of the engine) put about 45k on it
> before me.  I've only put about 200 miles on it since the new ignition
> in, but I'm keeping an eye on things and checking things every couple of
> Does anyone else have any thoughts?
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