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Re: [T3] Tie Rods

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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 5:35 PM
Subject: RE: [T3] Tie Rods

> Did your *clunk* come from the front?  I kind of doubt a ball joint would
> suddenly fail and start to clunk like that.  I'm not sure though.  Is the
> boot on the ball joint torn?  If not, I'll bet the joint is good.  You can
> test for axial play in the joints per Bentley.

Yes, when I brake it seems to be right under the pedals. Its not loud but I
try to stay alert to any new noise, vibration, hesitation etc, and the only
thing Ifound loose down there (both sides) was that.

> If your ball joints turn out to be bad, good replacements will be hard to
> find I think.  For example, it's easy to wiggle the stem from side to side
> on the replacements.  But the OEM parts have spring-loaded stems to resist
> this movement.  I put some aftermarket Italian ball joints on a '70
> I used to own.  I doubt very much they will last as long as the original
> ball joints on my current '69.

Do you happen to know where or who cold sell a good replacement, I guess
German right?
67 Fastback

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