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[T3] Lights, but no action.....

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I guess I should say a bit more about the lights....the interior and
exterior lights will function, it's just that they only blink the moment i
step on the brake.

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On 4 Nov 2001, at 23:08, Allyn de Vars wrote:

> Ralph's story about lights reminded me of my frustration with my "new"
> Volkswagen--the 1967 Squareback I bought from Charlie Whitney.  The turn
> signals will illuminate when the switch is set to turn either left or
right, but
> will only blink when I press on the brake pedal.  The turn signal will
blink one
> time for each time i press on the brake.  However, the 4-way flasher
> lamps) operate perfectly.  What gives?

Poor connections and dead capacitors in the TS relay. These relays are
electronic and respond to small level signals. When you press the brake
pedal there is a momentary drop in system voltage due to the extra current
drawn by the brake lights. This current dip is mistaken by the TS relay as
one of the signals it is supposed to respond to, and one of the relays in
clicks. It is likely that this makes a sound, and possibly flashes the
TS lamps, but I'll bet it does not turn on the external lamps.

You MAY be able to fix this by soldering riveted connections inside the TS
relay. If the relay does not have a separate ground wire, then making sure
that the part that needs ground is well grounded may also help. 67s
didn't have all the extra ground connections that came in 69. I know that
68 TS relay, which is different, requires a good ground thru its mounting
screw in order for it to work well.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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