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Re: [T3] Digging out the rear trans seal

On 4 Nov 2001, at 20:05, shackedup wrote:

> 63 Notch, engine out.
> The seal on the transmission was leaking badly so I got a new seal and
> started trying to 'pry' out the old seal the way some of my books
> recommended.  The seal fell apart leaving me with a skinny channel in the
> trans filled with pieces of the old seal.  I have been picking out little
> bits with tiny screwdrivers and pins, etc but I am scratching up the metal
> in there.  Is there any other way to get this stuff out?  Something that
> will disintegrate rubber?  BLOW TORCH?

The usual tool is called a seal hook, but you may already have one of those. 
The part you're still trying to get out is part rubber, part steel. You want to be 
VERY careful not to dig into the alum case with the seal hook, but you are 
probably just scratching the steel ring so far.

There may also be a special tool that is a slide hammer attachment. This 
would be somewhat tubular so it could slide over the shaft, but it has a lip on 
the outside which can get behind the seal so you can slide hammer it out.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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