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Re: [T3] engine diagnosis

<x-charset iso-8859-1>There's been a lot of discussion against using used cams with new lifters.
Here is how I will be hardening the reground cam with the new German

1.  Finish assembling the engine and adjust the valves.

2. (Install oil) and turn engine over for about one or two minutes without
ignition to get oil pressure built up.

3.  Connect ignition, start the engine and run at 3000 RPMs for 3 - 3.5

4.  Shut the engine off and immediately drain the oil.  Let cool overnight.

5.  Add fresh oil, disconnect ignition, turn engine over another minute to
build up oil pressure, then reconnect ignition.  Run again at three minutes
around 3,000 RPMs.

This will harden the CAM and the LIFTERS together; I learned this from a VW
racing enthusiast - he has used this method since they started leaving Zing
(?) out of the metallurgy, and the cams and lifters harden together just
fine.  It works like a charm.

68 Notch

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> On 2 Nov 2001, at 19:36, Keith Park wrote:
> > OK... I hadnt been able to picture this in my head... it makes sense
> > now! so long as the adjusters can take out the distance without
> > changing the valve geometry.
> Right
> > Berg explains that we actually create a hardness layer during
> > breakin and is why breakin is so critical... I think there is
> > surface hardness when the came is manf though.
> I think there are various ways to create the right surface. Work
> hardening upon first use seems to me to be a terribly
> undependable way to do this, but I think that is what is done with
> some cams. I'd rather see them induction hardened like crank
> journals and gear teeth, but whatever works reliably is fine with me.
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