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<x-charset iso-8859-1>Notchback Owners of North America. A club started on a simple idea as most
clubs are. Get people with the same thing in common together to share
stories on tech info, parts supplies, hidden treasure, tricks of maintenance
and shear joy of ownership of the beloved "notchback". As most of you past
NONA members know Greg Guillion to over the club about two years ago. Since
then there has been a major drop off in club unity and news letter
publication. I hope to change that. NONA is and always will cater to the
61-67  spec. notchback. This is primarily because most notches registered to
the club are 64&65 models. This makes since as those years are big notch
manufacturing years. It does not mean that people with any other kind or
year of T3 will be shunned or frowned upon. My intent will be to call them
as I see them. If I find a 68 fasty at a show with a story I like I will
pass it through the news letter.I will be continuing the member input type
of news letter. Its a double edged sward unfortunately, no member input
leads to a dull letter! In Greg's defense this is possibly what happened to
him. I presently and have in the past owned a variety of T3s. I currently
have a 62 notch project needing paint and completion, a 63 notch I just got
from Lars Neufer overseas, a 64 notch basket case and a 65 squareback
project car. I have never owned a fuel injected car for any length of time
so I am learning in that area. I do hope to bring aboard people with unique
stories and background to enrich the club and publication.

What to expect??
At present I am putting together a news letter to go out by the end of the
year. Unfortunately I have not received any word from Greg.Greg Guillion has
all the member info. I am ready to roll but will be severely hampered if he
does not pass the info to me! If NONA is to get up and thrive again will
depend on Greg sending me this info. IF I receive the data base I will send
all past members a free letter and hope the word gets out to all that paid
and never received anything to contact me if they have not been added to the
data base. All new members will get back issues until the new letter is
finished. I still have plenty of window stickers and back issues for those
in need.

 So I ask the number 1 source in T3 information exchange. Get word to Greg,
get me his email or phone #.

Thanks for your time,
Jason Weigel
NONA President

List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list or mailto:help@vwtype3.org


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