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Re: [T3] my petronics is dead

<x-charset iso-8859-1>First off... you cant just set things anywhere they happen to fall and
expect things to be right.
There are no vacuum only advance distributors, they ALL have centrifugal
advance in them and judging from your mentioning the  size of the advance
can you have a 72 distributor.  Should you be using this distributor?? what
is your FI setup or carb setup??  use the correct or compatable distributor
with your fuel system.  Setting the timing on the 72 dual advance
distributor is a special procedure that Jim Adney has written up... too much
advance on ANY distributor and you have detonation and perhaps piston
breakage, too little and it can run hot or dilute the oil.

You did make the right decision on dumping the 009, this distributor had
caused more people problems than I can count... its the wrong curve for
nearly every setup and the Pertronix units have quality control problems as
well as design flaws.

So, let us know what your fuel setup is and one of us can reccomend a good
distributor, then set the timing accordingly.


> hello all.
>              having come back sorted all my kit out after two months away
> got round to putting my engine back in yesterday morning and it wouldnt
> start!
>              so fault finding head on i traced it down to no spark pulled
> 009 out with my petronics electric ignition in and put my vacume only
> advance distributor in the one with the real big vaccume can on it set the
> timing static -basic and it fired up first time i ran it for a while but
> other things to do so happy that it was going left it till this morning to
> do some proper timeing etc.
>      so to today not being to sure where to set it with my strobe i
> it was at roughly 5 btdc then went for a drive.
>      the crazy pull away hesitation is gone obvously should of got rid of
> the 009 sooner however! my cylinder head temp has gone up 50 degrees !
> a seat of the pants guy i drove it up and down route b3 stopping at
> stratigic points to turn the dizzy ive got to a point where its so
> now that the engine feels as if it s just going to die on me and the temp
> has only slightly dropped on my head gauge .
>       could this be due to a weeker spark ie points instead of petronics
> do i need to turn my idle up and retard further ??
>       or shall i make my life simple and ask if anybody knows the actuall
> setting for a vacume only advance dizzy on a carb engine.
>         this has been a double edged sord im glad i got rid of the 009 and
> the horrible hesitation that came with it but im not so immpressed with my
> rise in head temps!
>        any thoughts.
> neil verdon 66 sqr on irs pan
> best among equals rise to the top.
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