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Re: [T3] Automatic Tranny

On 4 Nov 2001, at 0:50, Timothy Fink wrote:

> I am looking for some information on the T3 automatic tranny.  Here's the 
> story.
> About 5 years ago my brother bought a 69 Fasty Auto.  The car might have run 
> at the time, but the tranny was supposedly shot. I have no knowledge of the 
> auto tranny.  My Hanes manual basically tells you to take the car to a 
> specialist.  Does the Bentley book tell more?

Yes, the Bentley has a very good description, but this is probably 
the hardest thing on the car to tackle. I've never taken one apart, 
but I'm sure it can be done. I don't know about parts, but an AT 
repair shop can probably get you anything you might need.

>  By the way, the 
> original tranny is a 003 321 105A and the second tranny is a 003 321 105D. 

Those are probably just the part #s for the housings.
> What type of improvements did they make over the years?  Which would be the 
> better tranny to use?  Are parts easy to source?

The earliest ATs had a different kind of side cover, which is more of 
a problem to deal with. Stick with the later style if you can. The 
Bentley manual has good descriptions of the various differences, 
and there are several. Some parts should not be mixed between 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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