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Re: [T3] Problems solved

On 3 Nov 2001, at 19:42, Daniel Baum wrote:

> Hi all,
> Had a very successful day today. Solved two big problems, which I have in
> the past mentioned on this list, and received answers from people.
> 1) It turns out that the automatic gear change cable (what Bentley calls the
> Bowden cable) was completely disconnected from the gear lever. 

That's not just VWs name for it. It is the generic description due to 
the fellow (Bowden) who invented the whole idea of a cable within a 
housing so that the housing takes the reaction force and the cable 
displacement is always equal on the 2 ends, in spite of any flexing 
that may take place in the center. Their most common uses are on 
bicycles and lawn mowers.
> One thing, there was no nut or clip or anything to hold the cable on; what
> is supposed to be there?

I don't remember ever looking there. If you really need an answer, I 
can probably dig my way to the front of the garage where there is 
one of those assemblies, and look at it. I don't see anything called 
out in the parts list.

> One new problem has come to light: Now that I can get the engine up to high
> revs in neutral for the first time, I am now getting a loud screaming noise
> from the generator, but only at high RPM. Could this be caused - as I
> suspect - by the belt being too loose, or should I look for problems inside
> the generator?

It is probably IN the generator. Either a bad bearing or dirt on the 
pole pieces rubbing against the armature. Both are cheap and easy 
to fix, especially the latter.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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