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RE: [T3] 1971 on Ebay

<x-charset Windows-1252>Per, you may be more onto the correct answer than most would think.
Although chassis and suspension parts may differ slightly between
Squareback, Fastback, Notchback and Karmann-Ghia, the pieces from one will
normally bolt onto the chassis of another same-year type 3.  For those of us
fortunate to have access to original factory parts books, you will find that
the chassis part number changes for each of the different bodies--except


Well, the major difference between the floorpan of a Squareback,
Fastback/Notchback, or Karmann-Ghia relates to the crossmember for the rear
seat.  The rear seat bottom of the Squareback folds forward for cargo space,
the Fastback/Notchback seatbottom lifts out (just as in a Beetle), and the
rear jumpseat in a Karmann-Ghia is much smaller than the rear seat in a

Therefore, the reason the type number did not change is because the CHASSIS
did not change.

Allyn de Vars
1962 VW 1500 Karmann-Ghia
1963 VW 1500 Karmann-Ghia
1967 VW 1600 Squareback (2)
2001 VW Golf GL TDI

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Jim Adney wrote:

> Interesting list, but can anyone explain why the notch and the fasty
> had to share a type #?

Just a wild guess, but maybe because the Notch and Fasty suspension bits,
while the Square had different components? It would be easier for the
to see either 31 or 36 and thus install the correct chassis parts.

73 Variant L

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