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[T3] Automatic Tranny

<x-flowed>Hi all,

My name is Tim and I am a returning member to the Type 3 mailing list.  It 
has been a few years, but I am back.

I am looking for some information on the T3 automatic tranny.  Here's the 

About 5 years ago my brother bought a 69 Fasty Auto.  The car might have run 
at the time, but the tranny was supposedly shot.  The sellers even had a 
second auto tranny to go with the car.  My brother had plans to fix up the 
car for his wife, so we pulled the engine and tranny with the hope that we 
would soon start to work on the car.  Well that hasn't happened.  To make a 
long story short, I am interested in making the car my daily driver.  
Cleaning and fixing the engine is no big deal.  I have no knowledge of the 
auto tranny.  My Hanes manual basically tells you to take the car to a 
specialist.  Does the Bentley book tell more?  I know, I know, Everyone is 
screaming, why don't you have a Bentley Manual.  I guess the answer is that 
I haven't needed one until now.   Should I consider trying to fix one of the 
2 trannys myself?  I am not afraid of working on the transmission myself.  I 
am am a Mechanical Engineer and very mechanically inclined.  By the way, the 
original tranny is a 003 321 105A and the second tranny is a 003 321 105D.  
What type of improvements did they make over the years?  Which would be the 
better tranny to use?  Are parts easy to source?  Suggestions?



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