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[T3] "Whistling" noise (not whirring)

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Greetings,

I've had my Notch on the road for about 2K miles.  Ever since I first
started the 1600dp engine there has been a high pitched whistling noise
above some mid range RPM.  It is RPM dependent and occurs whether I am
moving or stationary.  It is definitely coming from the rear of the engine,
of this I am almost certain.  Also, I've decided (hopefully correctly) that
it is not causing any damage to the engine.

My best guess is it is an air movement related whistling caused by some sort
of air intake leak.  I've searched and searched, plugging holes, etc. to
identify its source.  No luck yet.

My other theory is that there may be some interference between the fan
pulley and the aluminum housing, as the pulley has some resonance to it when
struck, much like a tuning fork.  However I removed all the stuff off the
rear of the engine and could not verify this to be the cause.  Regardless,
I' attempted to reposition the housing to center the clearance hole to the
center of the pulley (it appeared to be off center), alas to no avail.  The
#&*@! noise is still there!!

My most recent idea (somewhat hard to describe) is that it may be related to
the crankcase ventilation thingy.  The one on my vehicle is actually from a
'73 FI model and in it was some sort of check valve that I removed the valve
part (kept the fitting) so I could connect a hose to my low profile air
cleaner.  I thought that this might be acting like a venturi of sorts and
creating the whistle, but I removed the fitting for evaluation of this
problem and nothing changed.

My last resort, other than picking your collective brains, it to turn up my
stereo, truly an unacceptable solution from my perspective.

Any ideas???

Summerland, CA
'64 1500S
1600 dp, dual Solex, 12V, 4-lug disc conversion

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