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[T3] Problems solved

Hi all,

Had a very successful day today. Solved two big problems, which I have in
the past mentioned on this list, and received answers from people.

1) It turns out that the automatic gear change cable (what Bentley calls the
Bowden cable) was completely disconnected from the gear lever. We
reconnected it, and we were able to put the car into neutral for the first
time. Previously it was stuck in gear. I now know that the car needs more
transmission fluid, which I will add at the first opportunity. Once I have
added this, I will try changing gear while the car is running, driving it
forwards, backwards, etc.
One thing, there was no nut or clip or anything to hold the cable on; what
is supposed to be there?

2) My charging system now works, having changed the voltage regulator. Jim
A. you were interested in my new-type Bosch VR when I bought it. So we now
know that my previous one was kaput and the new one solved the problem. The
generator light now goes off when the engine is running and the battery is
definitely charging - I could read 14V across the battery at medium revs.

One new problem has come to light: Now that I can get the engine up to high
revs in neutral for the first time, I am now getting a loud screaming noise
from the generator, but only at high RPM. Could this be caused - as I
suspect - by the belt being too loose, or should I look for problems inside
the generator?

Thanks to all for your help (particularly Jim A. )

Daniel Baum,
'69 Automatic T34: One of four known to exist in the world.

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