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RE: RE: [T3] Oil leak.

Hey All,

Berg recomends that you use locktite, (he tells you to use his version, or similar).  The blue version should do.  He says that teflon tape can come off, and clog oil passages in your engine.  This is why he says not to use teflon, but installing them dry is asking for leaks down the road.  And you then might be tempted to overtighten a fitting and crack something.  This is all in his instruction sheets when you buy his hoses,  fittings, and filters.  Just thought I'd share.


John La Francois
'65 Notch S (Nub)
Blauvelt, NY USA

  "Daniel M. Hoopes" <redsquareback@yahoo.com> wrote:

>>and oil pump where there are elbows that you have lots of leverage on. You
>>don't want to break the pipe sealant there, as it requires disassembly of
>what do you mean by pipe sealant?  doesn't berg say to not use anything on
>the threads and just go metal to metal on pipe fittings screwed into the
>case?  is it better to use some kind of sealant?  what do you recommend?
>i'm going to do this this week and it would be great to do it right the
>first time.
>Dan Hoopes
>'67 Square, "Stanley"
>Provo, UT
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