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[T3] New Purchase

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Well I went and bought a 1969 Squareback today for $150.00. It was last
registered in 1986. It looks like it was parked around a grape vine because
the engine compartment is overgrown with vines and they stretch into the car
in places. The roof has rust at the right rear corner. It was literally
rescued from the crusher. It had just been placed in the crusher when the
guy I got it from saw it and screamed for them to stop. He bought it for
$100 and sold it to me for the $150. It is about 99% complete. Just missing
a few knobs and lenses. The pan is as close to perfect as I have ever seen
on a type 3. I even had my wife's permission to buy this car! I was going to
try to sneak it past her, but told her and she said I better buy it for that

So now I have my first fuel injected type 3. What process should I follow to
try to start this thing? I don't want to hurt any of the FI components.
Should I prime the fuel pump before trying to start it? I plan on pulling
the tank and giving it a good cleaning before putting any gas in it. I've
been through some of this before when I resurrected my '65 notch, but FI is
a whole different beast.


1965 VW Notchback
1969 VW Squareback
1976 Volvo 244
1986 Ford Taurus SW
1990 Ford Aerostar

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