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Re: [T3] gas heater Eberspacher on ebay

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Yes, its the T3 specific stuff that makes them worth the money and $300-
$400 is about right for the T3 complete units... I think ark Mirvis sold
them for around $600 with the electronic controls.

Its VERY HARD to find the T3 installation apparatus complete!


> Actually, i would say that it is pretty incomplete. Just in comparison, I
> just bought one for my
> square from a gentleman in Canada and it came with all the stainless
> steel fuel lines and filters/hookups, the wiring harness, the dash
> a trunk heat shield that travels the length of the entire heater and lots
> ducting and an exhaust pipe, even with all the rubber grommets. There is
> even an embossed cover that covers the mechanism on top of the BN2 that
> Eberspacher.
> I have been shopping for a "complete" heater for a long time and it took
> just
> the right price for me to jump on it. Most people who have "complete"
> models want 400+, and most us vw nuts can't just drop that kind of $$ for
> fuctional gizmo, although useful at times. If you look at that notchback
> canada on ebay, you can
> see some of the gizmos that are supposted to come with the
> heater (pic at http://pubweb.nwu.edu/~cln353/heater.jpg)
> Off topic, how is your fasty coming?
> Charles Navarro
> Another VW nut in IL
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> Would love to hear thoughts on this?
> No association with seller.  Thought these sre pretty
> hard to come by?
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