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Re: [T3] Odd Whirring Noise

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Friday 02 November 2001 15:54, JaransonT3@aol.com wrote:
> I have started hearing an odd whirring noise coming from my 66 Squares
> engine.  It sounds like a transmission turning through frozen gear oil on a
> -20F day.  Yeah, I know the SoCal folks will have no idea what I am talking
> about. 8^)  Anyway, it is dependent on engine RPM, but not vehicle speed.
> It does not change with engaging or releasing the clutch.  I have not been
> able to isolate it yet.
does it make the noise even when standing still with the clutch engaged in 
neutral?? but goes away with the clutch in? If so, this sounds like the main 
shaft bearing in the trans. 

> However, in the process I discovered something that I am not sure about.
> Both my RED and GREEN lights come on when the key is turned on.  They both
> go out once the car is started.  This sounds correct to me.  But I removed
> the wire leading to the oil pressure sensor with the engine running and the
> green light does not come on!  I am guessing the sensor is bad, but why
> does the light go out once the car is started?  Are the sensors 6V/12V
> specific or can I try the one from my 71 Fasty?  What else should I be
> looking for?  There is plenty of oil on the car.  What are possible sources
> for the whirring sound?
If you ground the oil sender wire, the oil light should come on. the oil 
pressure switch is a normally closed switch. The oil pressure opens the 
switch. They are not voltage dependent. they are just a switch.

Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT
'66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)

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