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RE: [T3] Oil leak.

On 2 Nov 2001, at 0:05, Daniel M. Hoopes wrote:

> what do you mean by pipe sealant?  doesn't berg say to not use anything on
> the threads and just go metal to metal on pipe fittings screwed into the
> case?  is it better to use some kind of sealant?  what do you recommend?
> i'm going to do this this week and it would be great to do it right the
> first time.

I think Berg says not to use Teflon tape, and if you read more of his stuff, 
you will find that what he means is that the Teflon tape is likely to make the 
joint so "slippery" that you will be tempted to overtighten the tapered pipe 
threads in the case and crack the case.

You really need to use SOMETHING in there to seal the fittings. There's 
nothing wrong with Teflon tape if you use it carefully and keep in mind what 
the hazards are. Other options are some of the Loctite thread sealing 
products, which are very good.

Proper use of Teflon tape means, among other things, not letting the tape 
hang over the end of the pipe fitting where it will be sheared off and released 
into the oil stream. It should be kept back one turn from the end of the fitting.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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