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Re: [T3] gas heater Eberspacher on ebay

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Actually, i would say that it is pretty incomplete. Just in comparison, I
just bought one for my
square from a gentleman in Canada and it came with all the stainless braided
steel fuel lines and filters/hookups, the wiring harness, the dash controls,
a trunk heat shield that travels the length of the entire heater and lots of
ducting and an exhaust pipe, even with all the rubber grommets. There is
even an embossed cover that covers the mechanism on top of the BN2 that says

I have been shopping for a "complete" heater for a long time and it took
the right price for me to jump on it. Most people who have "complete" tested
models want 400+, and most us vw nuts can't just drop that kind of $$ for a
fuctional gizmo, although useful at times. If you look at that notchback in
canada on ebay, you can
see some of the gizmos that are supposted to come with the
heater (pic at http://pubweb.nwu.edu/~cln353/heater.jpg)

Off topic, how is your fasty coming?

Charles Navarro
Another VW nut in IL

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Would love to hear thoughts on this?

No association with seller.  Thought these sre pretty
hard to come by?

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