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Re: [T3] Ignition alternatives

<x-flowed>At 02:05 PM 11/1/01 -0600, Richard Green wrote:
>Digifant ignition. My 87 cabriolet is non digifant, but the Vanagon is 
>which has a computer and electronic FI. My old 78 Rabbit has points, buth I
>have the Pointless setup for it, but havent tried it.

Don't be afraid, it's really pretty simple.  There's a total of seven wires 
coming from the module.  Three go to the distributor, two go to the coil 
(one for each side), and one is a ground.  The wire from terminal 7 was 
listed as "unused" in the wiring diagram I was using ('84 Golf/Cabriolet) 
so I clipped it short and insulated the end.  The '78 is carburated, isn't 
it?  If so, ditch the idle stabilizer.

But you probably knew that already. =)

>I am going to do spme expermenting with some altertnative Ingition and FI next
>year to see what I can hammer together to work with a aircooled engine.

I've been researching a bit and kicking around the idea of transplanting 
the entire Digifant system from a WBX Vanagon into a T3.  The intake 
runners should bolt to the aircooled heads, everything looks 
straightforward, though I'd imagine there'd be some tinkering with the 
sensors and such.  I'm still researching, but it looks fairly promising.

>I really learned a lot about FI with my first squareback. Our electronic FI is
>about as basic as you can get, but very bullit proof. As times goes on
>replacement parts will become expensive and hard to find. So I want to see 
>might work.

Depending on where you live and your economic situation, some of the 
replacement parts are already expensive and hard to find.

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