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Re: [T3] Blow by

On 1 Nov 2001, at 9:14, dubdriver wrote:

> My engine has some serious blow by.  Oil is being blown out the crankcase by the
> fan.  This then drips onto the exhaust and smokes like the blazes once the
> engine gets warm.

What year? Check that your crankcase ventilation hoses are all connected 
and not blocked. Has this engine by any chance been rebuilt using the 
cheap drop-in oversize pistons/cyls? If so, the solution is probably to go 
back to std 85.5 P/Cs.

> The engine runs good and has plenty of power....
> next problem.  When cold, the engine starts on about the first revolution.
> When warm it will start immediately within 5-6 minutes of shutting it off.
> If it sits for longer than that, it's a bear to start, usually taking 2 or 3
> long attempts (6 seconds or so) with the pedal on the floor.

The heat soak after shutdown is boiling off the gas in your fuel lines. Their 
may be a small leak that allows air to get back in the lines after things cool 
back down. The easy solution is to just turn the key from OFF to ON several 
times, each time letting the fuel pump run for its ~1 sec. This will prefill the 
lines without running the starter. 

> Might I have a valve too tight?  Could this be causing both problems?  Fuel
> pressure is 30psi.

It's not a valve. You might watch the fuel pressure after you shut down the 
engine. If it drops all the way to zero, then the check valve in the pump is not 
working and this will make the heat soak problem worse.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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