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Re: Pressure Sensor

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On 31 Oct 2001, at 20:33, JASON CORNFELD wrote:

>     Okay, I got one of my 007 C sensors modified to pass emissions. okay cool.
>     but now its pretty hard to go up hills. i put my other 007 C in there and it
>     runs better but too rich. so whts the difference between a 007 C and a 106 E
>     Pressure sensor?? is the E Leaner and more sensitive?? do you know what the
>     small wire grounded to it was?? but i can put an E on there and it runs good
>     but i dont know if its too rich. seems to run better though. i have another
>     that looks to be an E series but doesnt have any part #' s on it. what do
>     you think? will an E hurt it or will it mess it up?? Let me knw as i can get
>     another C from down here i think. will a B work??? I can get one of those
>     too.. looks smaller and more simple. same plug. anyways. let me know.. i
>     just want to be able to get up-hill.. lol

My recommendation is that you avoid the temptation to mess with the PS. 
While it seems to offer the possibility of playing with it and getting things to 
work the way you want, In my experience, playing around with it, either by 
adjusting it or by trying different ones, just distracts us from finding the REAL 

Of course all this assumes that you have a good PS. Once they are this old, 
anything can happen, so it may be useful to try to find a third C PS that you 
can try briefly, just to verify which of yours is good. Another way to do such a 
test is to put your PSs on another 70-1 that is working well and see which 
one still works well.

Then you need to look at all the other things that your PS hunt has led you 
away from: fuel pressure, fuel filter, overflow hose, dwell, timing, sticking 
mechanical advance, valve adjustment, charging system regulating 
voltage,.... The list goes on and on.

I think you may be getting sidetracked, and the only way to get you back on 
course is to do some kind of test of the PSs. Then you have to come to an 
understanding that a problem in the <whatever> won't be cured by adjusting 
the fuel richness curve.

If you're out to get more than stock power, then you also need to realize that 
the best way to do this is to get everything working at the stock level first. 
ONLY THEN is your car ready for "enhancements." But right now, it sounds 
to me like getting your car up to stock performance would please you. The 
70-1 FI is very good, so I think you will be happy with it once everything is 
working correctly for you.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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