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Re: [T3] Oil leak.

On 1 Nov 2001, at 1:01, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> Reluctant to tighten them, the clamps are chewing through them as it is.
> Maybe a replacement situation in the spring. What size, kind, make etc are
> these hoses? 

Okay, they probably don't need to be retightened. I believe they are 1/2" ID 
oil compatable hose. Let me look around my basement and see if I have 
something I can send you. Can you estimate how much you would need? I 
believe it was Keith that commented that this stuff does not last forever. He's 
quite right. The stuff that's on there now is the original that came from Berg.

> Yeah, the rear one. A drip of oil hanging from the big slotted pressure
> relief screw and a trail leading up into the darkness. We're talking on the left
> side. Isn't this around where the oil cooler is?

The oil cooler is farther forward, and a cooler leak would usually show up 
from above, on the top of the case. One of the oil hoses feeds oil back into 
the case at the rear, above that corner. I wonder if that could be it. This stuff 
is all really hard to see, even with a good light.

If you replace the hoses, you need to be VERY careful not to twist any of the 
threaded fittings as you do this. I specifically mean the fittings into the case 
and oil pump where there are elbows that you have lots of leverage on. You 
don't want to break the pipe sealant there, as it requires disassembly of the 
fan housing to really get access to everything so you can redo those.

My first full flow engine did eventually require new hose there, and replacing it 
was not as hard as I had feared. I VERY CAREFULLY slit the hose with a 
razor knife at the ends so that it would come off then hose barbs easily. You 
have to be careful not to cut into the brass hose nipple, as a scratch there 
would probably make a small leak.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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