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Re: [T3] carb rebuild

>>BTW. Has anyone got any smart ways of setting the idle air screw? I am

running 32PDSIT's on my beetle, everything is stock as it is on a Type
except for the linkage which is a custom one. At the moment I am only
getting about 13 miles per gallon! I can get the idle screw spot on, but
is harder to get the idle air screw right.<<

A really oversimplified version of volume screw adjustment  is:
carefully turn volume screws all the way in until they reach the seats,
then back out 1.5 turns. Then start engine, warm up, turn both screws in
slowly and equally until engine speed begins to drop, then back out
until engine runs smoothly, then out an additional 1/4 turn. This
assumes that you've balanced the carbs with a Uni-Syn at 650-700 rpm
before the volume adjustment and again after (with right side throttle
linkage disconnected). And that the valves and timing are already

Personally I find that this gives a slightly too rich mixture, and I
have to turn the screws back in 1/4 turn or so.

VW published a nice pocket brochure that explains the above in much more
detail. If anyone wants a copy of it let me know.

62 343, 65 361

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