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Re: [T3] head stud strippin

Steven said:

< Can I just drop the engine and take the heads off and put in a 
< helicoil?  What exactly are the case-savers?  And the case-savers   
< require the full rebuild right?  

No, you would not require a rebuild but the best way 
to do it is to pull the engine anyway. If your engine 
runs sweet why rebuild. I did this three times because
I had a very recycled overheated case that already had
casesavers installed, these pulled out one at a time
but 30,000 miles later they are sweet and my engine
runs sweet. 

The way I did this was to pull the engine, place engine
on a table, remove tin , removed head and inspect for 
cracks and messed up combustion chambers,while I was there
lapped the valves to make shure they are sealing. 
I then took off BOTH cylinders and pistons (do not mix,
keep track of these, clean rings and ring grooves if 
they are sticky and dirty) , now having all major 
components removed i was  left with the studs. 
Removed studs with visegrip or opposing studnuts , made sure
I knew which studs went where because they differed in 
length. The pulled casesaver (in you case just the stud)
in question was removed by inserting stud with nut and
tightened nut down to casesaver then turned stud with 
visegrip and out came te saver.

To fix the problem I had to prepare for surgery by cleaning
whole side of case in question with many clean rags and 
solvent (kerosene and gasoline, im a bad boy). Placed oiled
paper towles or oiled lint free rags inside case where the 
bad stripped hole in question was . 

Before surgery you should have bought casesavers of the 
right size for the stud. Drill bit the size of the smallest
part of the thread of the saver or a tiney bit smaller , a 
threader the right size for the saver. Buy these  at a machine
shop for Veedubs or at an indstrial tool supply. The savers can
be purchased in one of the many VW catalogs or VW parts store.

The next thing I did was place lots of toilet paper in the cylinder
case holes but not inside the case. I had a little jig that 
makes the drill drill perpendicular to the case. The drill
done must be perfectly straight and perpendicular. Many
people do not do this themselves because of damaging metal 
filings falling in, and inaccurate drilling
that prevent Cylinder from installing correctly and head seating 
wrong (lots of leaks). I drilled, being very carful not to 
drill too far into the hole because if
the drill bit went to far it would catch my rags and spin
my filings around.

After drilling I tapped, the hole keeps the tap straight.
I used a vacume cleaner with a straw attachment (You can
use a real straw and duct tape). I vacumed quite often and
during drilling.
The Touchy part for me was carfully removing the filings
covered toilet paper and oiled rags . After this I inspected
the inside of the case with a tiney mirror and flashlight
to be sure no filings fell in.

I installed my new casesavers by screwing a stud several 
threads in and tightening with a nut. I used sealent on the 
saver to prevent oil from leaking out. Having installed the saver
I then removed the stud and the nut.

I then installed both pistons in the correct places and 

I then installed all of the studs with sealant in their 
correct places. Then the cylinders and heads were installed.

I hope this helps you. Do not choose this direction if 
you are not sure of you own patience and basic skills.



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