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Re: won't start

No, the fuel pumpdoen't stop running, I still have to look in it farther. The
injectors still won't click when I move the throttle I was going to pull the
contol box and try to trace the with an ohm meter to see if I can find a bad
wire somewhere. As for any help from the portland area, so far no response.

connie schmitt at conniedave@netzero.net
1971 fastback/1973 FI motor

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 23 Mar 2001, at 13:04, connie schmitt wrote:
> > Yes I do hear a "click", in fact I hear BOTH clicks (for some reason the
> > other relay works now!) but I still haven't found any thing on why the
> > injectors won't click with the key on. so far I don't see any bad
> > connections or broken wires.
> So you now have a click, and then another click ~1 sec later? Does
> the fuel pump run now just in the time between clicks?
> As for the injector clicks with the throttle valve switch, have you
> turned the engine over into a different position and tried it again?
> Has anyone from the Portlant area contacted you to offer some more
> "local" help?
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