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Re: [T3] carb rebuild

They let fuel through, so you must screw them in to reduce the richness.
Take care, don't tighten too much or you may damage the tips.  Do a little
at a time each side.  It would be worth removing them to check the tips are
OK, or they will never adjust properly.  Take a look in the throat and check
the brass squirty tubes are there; they sometimes come out and get eaten by
the engine (accelerator pump nozzle and ful-throttle enrichment nozzle).
They might feed too much fuel without the restriction or extra height of the
nozzle/tube.  It's not unusual to get a bit of black smoke when the
accelerator pump squirts, but it shouldn't continue, and properly adjusted
the fumes should barely be noticeable (about 3% CO correctly adjusted, so
don't breathe it in for any length of time!).

I suspect there is a more major carb problem than this adjustment to give
such poor mpg (per Imperial gallon too).  I would expect mid-20mpg even in
winter town traffic, and you've got summer, when 30 town and 34 mpg touring
would be more normal.

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