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Re: [T3] head stud strippin

On 23 Mar 2001, at 11:46, Cnojd@aol.com wrote:

> I doublechecked all the exhaust nuts and then figured out that the
> head was loose.  I took the rocker arms off and sure enough the
> nut at the bottem rear of the head was loose enough to turn easily
> with a wrench.  I checked the other three under the valve cover
> and only one was slightly under torqued.  I figured it was a freak
> thing.  Maybe it had rattled loose?  I started to tighten it up. 
> It never seemed to tighten  something just didn't feel right. 

It won't fix itself, and it won't get tighter if you keep turning. I'm 
afraid the only lasting repair is solid inserts (case savers) installed 
during the course of a complete teardown.

You might be able to find some repair studs which resemble big 
wood screws on the case end. These can be screwed right into the 
case material with the engine assembled (with difficulty) and will 
last 6 months, TOPS.

So you really only have a few options: buy a rebuilt engine now, 
install the repair stud now and plan to do a rebuild this summer, or 
scrap the car. It's not good to run with the heads loose; that will 
mess them up where they have been hammering against the tops 
of the cylinders.

Sorry, but you need to look at your options and pick the one that 
will work out best for you and your car.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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