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Re: [T3] own a piece of history....;)

At 9:28 AM -0500 3/23/01, My65notch@aol.com wrote:

>#2 is a squareback......not just any squareback......but Greg Merritt's
>squareback !! When Greg was moving out of Michigan he couldn't take this car
>with him - so my friend purchased it from him as the pans were in decent
>shape and we were going to graft the pans from the square into the notch. The
>square runs ( Greg can elaborate - I think there's some trick to make it run
>) - you can see pics of the square at type3.org...very be-yoo-tee-ful
>"multi-color" paint job on the square....

	If "purchased" means that I left the car unlocked and left the keys
and the title in the glove box and he paid for his friend to tow it from my
place to his place, then, yes, he "purchased" it from me. ;)

	It's definitely a parts car, probably worth somewhere in the $0 -
$150 range, "you tow it away".  The classic "ran when I parked it," etc.
Amazingly, the pans are not Swiss cheese, except for the battery area.  The
body is another story; wheel areas are, well, largely missing. <sniff>  The
f.i. distributor is low mileage, was either NOS or *very* clean rebuild
when I installed it.  Ooh, it's got a trailer hitch, too.

	I got this car after having a couple of Beetles.  It's by owning
this car that I came to realize that Type IIIs have critically important
differences from Beetles that are often overlooked by the Beetle/Bus crowd.
It also took me through the whole trip of "this fuel injection is nothing
but trouble" to "oh, I guess I just didn't understand the injection, which
is actually quite niced now that I've gotten to know it."  This educational
process, and the need to share it with other new Type III owners, was the
motivation for the Type III mailing list and the Web-based "owner's manual".

	I could ramble on... this car was my first (of two) Type IIIs.  It
successfully towed my '63 Beetle from L.A. to Phoenix.  I gave my
girlfriend (now wife) a ride in it to visit a friend of hers once -- 6,125
mile round trip in 15 days.  It was the first car my daughter ever got a
ride in.  My wife got her license in the Square.  Heh, her snowy snow boot
got stuck between the brake and clutch pedals, and the Square, idling in
first gear, slow-motion rammed into a Corolla in a parking lot.  Oh!  And
she once pulled out onto the road, sliding over a patch of ice as she
turned, hopped the curb, and flattened a bus stop sign.  This car once
moved all of our possessions, bit by bit, in an across-town move.  Etc.,
etc., etc.

	Wait!  I did ramble on... ;)  If anybody has questions about this
car, just drop me a line.


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