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[T3] own a piece of history....;)

Hey all - 

A buddy of mine is selling two cars and I thought I'd post 'em here for 
anyone who might be interested.
#1 is a late notch ( late 60's early 70's) - can't remember the exact year 
but it needs some work. Exterior is all there - interior is "semi" all there. 
Floor pans are definitely "Flintsones" material. Good rolling chassis etc. 
complete motor included.
#2 is a squareback......not just any squareback......but Greg Merritt's 
squareback !! When Greg was moving out of Michigan he couldn't take this car 
with him - so my friend purchased it from him as the pans were in decent 
shape and we were going to graft the pans from the square into the notch. The 
square runs ( Greg can elaborate - I think there's some trick to make it run 
) - you can see pics of the square at type3.org...very be-yoo-tee-ful 
"multi-color" paint job on the square....

Anyhow - as these things go - time for this project is non-existent so the 
cars must go.

800$ yes - eight hundred dollars - for the pair  - 400 ea. they gotta go as a 
Located in Brighton Michigan. Anyone interested email me.


65 Notch ( with Type4 POWER )
65 Bug

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